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Megan Bucket Bag Digital Sewing Pattern

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The Megan Bucket Bag is a fresh take on the classic slouchy bag silhouette, but with a more pronounced cube shape. The lines are clean with side seams hidden by overlays and rivets. There are two different views whether you want to make the Megan out of one fabric, or if you would like to use a raw-edge accent fabric to add a little more depth to the look.

After teaching many bag classes and workshops, I know that many students want to make professional looking bags, but don’t necessarily have all the right equipment – including a heavy duty sewing machine.  So my goal with the construction, was to use some alternative techniques to take the bulk out of bag-making.  This helps to think outside the box so you can make bags with a wider array of equipment…not just industrial grade machines.


  • 2 -layer straps
  • Off-set overlay sewing to keep the integrity of the side seams
  • 4 different ways to present a welt zipper pocket with 2 plate options, a flap cover, or left bare.
  • Slip Pocket with an optional overlay
  • Snaps to help hold sides together for the bucket effect
  • View A was designed for a single fabric and perfect for a newer bag-maker who wants to just use canvas.  This is a great way to start and learn new purse techniques without having to deal with other substrates.  However, this same version can be used with a single faux leather and still have a striking look. This view has a handy outside pocket with a cover to keep the look smooth and sleek but still has other details like the strap loops to add more interest.
  • View B uses an accent fabric such as leather, suede, cork or vinyl that can be left raw edged without fraying.  These substrates are great looks to add more depth and texture to a bag.  The accent fabric is incorporated on to the side overlays, strap, and is used as decorative plating against the zipper pocket and slip pocket.  However, you can also swap out the accent fabric with some webbing to speed up your project.

DIFFICULTY: This is an intermediate beginner bag pattern which assumes you already know how to install rivets and snaps.

SKILLS TO LEARN: With this pattern, you will learn:

  • different strap making techniques to take the bulk out of your fabric
  • how to present a welt zipper pocket with plates or a cover
  • an off-set bag technique for the overlays that won’t compromise your side seam stitching
  • options with snaps and accent fabric to mix and match for the perfect bag


You may sell your handmade bags in small quantities and Love You Sew must be credited for the bag design. This pattern is not for mass production. You may NOT redistribute this pattern in any way and/or claim it as your own.